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Darwinism Exposed as False Science

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Darwinism Exposed as False Science

by Christopher Coutant ORDM

"Knowledge itself is power," were words uttered by one of the most brilliant minds in history, English philosopher Frances Bacon. [1] He is credited with formulating the modern scientific method [2] which has its roots in ancient Greek philosophy and other traditions from around the world. Bacon's thoughts on the nature of empiricism have continued to influence anyone practicing science to this day.



Francis Bacon also served as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England, and greatly advanced scientific and natural philosophy during his time. Science in the modern world was created and refined by Christian thinkers, using a Biblical worldview to better understand the world around them. Francis Bacon was no different than his peers in this regard, he promoted scientific experimentation to glorify God. He also wrote that divisions in Christianity should be avoided because they may one day lead to atheism becoming a dominant worldview. [3]

Bacon's work revolutionized our world and how we seek to understand the natural world. He emphasized observation in order to acquire scientific knowledge, as outlined in his masterpiece Novum Organum (1620). His formulation for empirical thought mirrors modern formulations for the scientific method, which can be formulated as 

1. Create a hypothesis

2. Collect data though observation and testing

3. Analyze and repeat

4. Confirm or deny hypothesis [4]

Empirical information, or information gathered by observation, is the essence of the scientific method, as described first by Francis Bacon. [5] Without testing and observation of the results, scientific knowledge cannot be obtained by definition. After gaining a lot of support from observed experiments, a hypothesis can attain the status of a theory, to which many scientists currently hold Darwin's theory of evolution. However nothing could be further from the truth, as macro-evolution cannot be observed, since it supposedly takes places over long ages. Although many people claim that evolution is a theory, it technically can only be a hypothesis as there is no experimental evidence showing that one kind of animal will change into another over vast times periods. [6]

Francis Bacon would probably turn over in his grave if he knew the level that the evolutionary hypothesis unethically attained as a major biological "theory."  

However this lack of evidence is certainly not for trying. Evolutionists have been trying to find observable evidence for their theory in every kind of way imaginable, yet have found absolutely nothing that supports macro-evolution between kinds of animals.

- Over 100 years of experiments with forced x-ray mutation in fruit flies has given rise to over 3,000 documented mutations. In all that time their fruit flies never experienced any form of macro-evolution or even any new viable information. [7]

- Dr. Richard Lenski of Michigan State University has been running a 30 year experiment in an attempt to change E. coli bacteria into something else. Despite over 65,000 generations the bacteria

are still bacteria, and have only adapted (micro-evolution) with small changes. [8]

- Dr. Molly Burke​ of University of California, Irvine published the results of 35 year long experiment on fruit flies, and over 600 generations, in an attempt to view macro-evolution and confirm Darwin's theory of evolution. However only minor changes where observed and the fruit flies of course remained fruit flies. [9]

- More recently, researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium forced mutations in fruit flies in the HOX genes. These genes control body plans, and evolutionists assumed these genes would be crucial in the process of macro-evolution. However they were only able to change the location of body parts, and were unable to create any new viable function. [10] Using the same method of HOX modification, researchers at the University of Denver were able to breed a four winged fruit fly, but the fly had severely reduced flight capabilities. [11]

All experiments so far have confirmed the Book of Genesis which states that God created animals to reproduce after their kind and not to change into each other over successive generations. Evolutionists are forced to use examples of adaptation (sometimes called micro-evolution) as evidence for evolutionary theory, because there is no evidence of change between kinds of animals. Every example of this (apes to humans, dinosaurs to birds) presented in their theory happened at a distant point in the past and is not observable or repeatable. Since all known cases of supposed macroevolution are neither observable or repeatable, the hypothesis cannot be confirmed by the scientific method, and cannot be considered a scientific fact or even a theory. 


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