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Evidence of Christianity

by William Paley

William Paley was a British Christian apologist, philosopher, and utilitarian. He was famous for the watchmaker analogy commonly known as the teleological argument. Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy was one of the most influential philosophical texts in the Enlightenment period in Britain. Evidences of Christianity is one of his most famous critical essays.

Paley uses historical evidence for the divine origin of Christianity by isolating and discussing it from the general history of mankind. 

William Paley's classic work and defense of Christianity, "Evidences of Christianity", was sometimes required reading at universities. Even those who disputed Christianity were expected to interact with Paley's arguments. Ironically, while many people past and present believe that the evidence for Christianity is discredited, Paley's "Evidences" is as fresh as ever, because many people still find his arguments compelling and well written. Many argue that he has significant modern relevance, since Christianity is a timeless truth. 


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