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The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

Among the Major World Religions 

by Gary Habermas Ph.D. 

Jesus claimed to be Divine, but does this make him unique? This easy-to-read examination of this serious topic with Dr. Gary Habermasand understand just how unusual this claim really is.  Jesus said that he was the path to salvation. Very early sources tell us that he performed supernatural miracles. Jesus and his followers said that his death served the purpose of saving others, dying in their place. Jesus' death affirms and explains the reality of suffering and death in the world. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Jesus is unique in rising from the dead. When these ideas are all combined, especially the powerful combination of the Resurrection and the Gospel, Jesus stands dramatically apart as unique in a way that surpasses all others!

Written by Dr. Gary Robert Habermas, an American New Testament scholar and theologian who frequently writes and lectures on the resurrection of Jesus. He has specialized in cataloging and communicating trends among scholars in the field of historical Jesus and New Testament studies. He is distinguished research professor and chair of the department of philosophy and theology at Liberty University.

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