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If you take our creator out of human science, out of human concepts of gender, you are stuck operating without common sense. Of course it makes sense for prisoners to be separated by their gender. You can't have people getting pregnant in prison, it will only lead to the child being separated from their parents. But apparently in California where they are pushing everything away from the Bible as hard as they can, now they are forced to imprison natural females with 'trans' females, which are really just men in dresses. And what happens when you put prisoners together who are opposite genders? All kinds of problems such as HIV and other STDs, and of course pregnant inmates.

How does California deal with this new rush of pregnant inmates? Certainly they are not returning to the gold standard of obvious fact, instead they are choosing to sink further into ignorance. They are already plagued with the problem of men pretending to be transgender so they do not have to be housed with the normal male prisoners. Now these homo-sexual men are impregnating the women that they are supposedly not attracted to. Instead of realizing that prisoners should be separated by their actual designed genders, California legislators have put a band aid on this problem by handing out condoms and plan B abortion pills. And lets not forget every democrat's favorite God-hating activity, abortions, will no doubt be available on demand.

Let's follow this through logically, which apparently those in California cannot complete this task. But if one puts hardened criminals behind bars with women, sometimes in confined spaces, what exactly should we expect to happen? There is a significant portion of men in any prison that are convicted of violence against women and sex offenders, so why would we lock them up in the same place as their prospective victims? This is the result of God's teaching that he made men and women in the beginning, and he made them male and female. There is no mention in Genesis of cis-genders or non-binary. Although sometimes in nature there are natural transgender people, this is exceedingly rare. And these people have always been subject to Christian compassion and love, while they should seek God's direction in their life in regard to sex on a case by case basis.

No matter how you look at it, our creator had it right from the very beginning, and all human attempts to rebel against this design have only created more chaos in the lives of those that do not choose the path we were given. A recent article at The Daily Wire highlights what life is becoming for women in California's correctional facilities, quoting one woman saying it is "...a nightmare’s worst nightmare..." and even going so far as to say women should expect to be raped... (Click here for the article) What a tragedy. Let us hope that God will save California.

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